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P.c : 325105
Globe valve are linear motion valves with rounded bodies, from which their name is derived. They are widely used in industry to regulate fluid flow in both on/off and throttling service. Globe valves consist of the following moving parts – the disk, the valve stem, and the handwheel. The stem connects the handwheel and the disk. It is threaded and fits into the threads in the valve bonnet. The location of the valve disk in relation to the valve seat allows or restricts flow. The direction of fluid flow through the valve changes several times, which increases the pressure drop across the valve. In most cases, globe valves are installed with the stem vertical and the higher-pressure fluid stream connected to the pipe side above the disk, which helps to maintain a tight seal when the valve is fully closed.
We are one of the biggest Globe Valves manufacturer in China. We supplies :Cast Steel Globe Valve, Forged Steel Globe Valve, Flanged End Globe Valve , Cryogenic Globe Valve, Bellow Sealed Globe Valve etc, We can manufacture and supply Globe Valves according to your requirements, please contact us !
NO Product name Download
  №- CS-Globe Cast Steel Globe Valve  
     №- 80001  Class 150~1500 Cast Steel Globe Valve No Download
     №- 80002  Class 600~2500 Pressure Sealing Globe Valve No Download
     №- 80003  Globe Valve 800Lb No Download
  №- FS-Globe Forged Steel Globe Valve  
     №- 80004  Globe Valve 900Lb~1500Lb No Download
     №- 80005  Presure-seal Globe Valve 900Lb~2500Lb No Download
  №- FS-Ypattern Forged Steel Y-Pattern Valve  
     №- 80006  Y-Pattern Globe Valve 800Lb No Download
     №- 80007  Pressure-seal Y-Pattern Globe Valve 900Lb~2500Lb No Download
  №- FS-Cryogenle Forged Steel Cryogenle Valve  
     №- 80008  Cryogenic Globe Valve 800Lb No Download
  №- FS-Bellow Forged Steel Bellow Sealed Valve  
     №- 80009  Bellow Sealed Globe Valve 800Lb No Download
  №- FS-Flanged Forged Steel Integral Flanged End Valve  
     №- 80010  Flanged End Globe Valve 150Lb~600Lb Steel No Download
     №- 80011  Flanged End Globe Valve 900Lb~1500Lb No Download
     №- 80012  Flanged End Pressure-Seal Globe Valve 900Lb~2500Lb No Download
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