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P.c : 325105
Cast Steel Valve are generally used on line size over 2 when higher pressures and temperatures demand the use of carbon or alloy steel, cast steel valvesare designed and manufactured to satisfy strict requirements in order to prevent external leakage and to meet fugitive emission requirements of most customers. Stuffing box finishes of 63 to 125 RMS, stem finished of 16 to 32 RMS control of staginess and concentricity of stems, and controlled diametrical clearances between stem and gland, stem and backseat, and gland and stuffing box, all combine to guarantee consistent performance of stem seals. Gasket surfaces between bodies and bonnets are strictly controlled to fines guarantee consistent sealing in gaskets areas.
We can manufacture and supply Cast Steel Valvesaccording to your requirementsplease contact us !
NO Product name Download
  ″- CS-Gate Cast Steel Gate Valve  
     ″- 10001  CLASS 150~1500 CAST STEEL GATE VALVE No Download
     ″- 10002  Class 600~2500 Pressure Seal Gate Valve No Download
     ″- 10003  Class 150~900 Plate Gate Valve No Download
     ″- 10004  Female threaded and socket welded gate valves No Download
  ″- CS-Globe Cast Steel Globe Valve  
     ″- 10005  Class 150~1500 Cast Steel Globe Valve No Download
     ″- 10006  Class 600~2500 Pressure Sealing Globe Valve No Download
  ″- CS-Check Cast Steel Check Valve  
     ″- 10007  Class 150~1500 Swing Check Valve No Download
     ″- 10008  Class 600~2500 Pressure Sealing Swing Check Valve No Download
     ″- 10009  Class 150~300 Butterfly Swing Check Valve No Download
  ″- CS-Ball Steel Ball Valve  
     ″- 10010  Class 150~300 Floating Ball Valve No Download
     ″- 10011  Class 150~1500 Cast Steel Fixed Ball Valve No Download
     ″- 10012  Class 150~1500 Forgen Steel Fixed Ball Valve No Download
  ″- CS-Plug Plug Valve  
     ″- 10013  Sleeve Type Soft Sealing Plug Valve No Download
     ″- 10014  Inverted Pressure Balance Lubricated Plug Valve No Download
     ″- 10015  Connection Lift Plug Valve No Download
     ″- 10016  Orbit Plug Valve No Download
  ″- CS-Butterfly Butterfly Valve  
     ″- 10017  Tripe Eccentric Butterfly Valve No Download
  ″- CS-Cryogenic Cast Steel Cryogenic Valve  
     ″- 10017  Class 150~600 Cryogenic Gate Valve No Download
  ″- CS-Bellows Bellows Valve  
     ″- 10018  Class 150~600Lb Bellows Gate Valve No Download
  ″- CS-Dimension End Dimension  
     ″- 10019  End Dimension No Download
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