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P.c : 325105
Gate valve are advantageous in applications involving slurries, as their “gates” can cut right through the slurry. They are also used in applications that involve viscous liquids such as heavy oils, light grease, varnish, molasses, honey, cream and other non-flammable viscous liquids. They are available in large sizes to better handle thick flow. However, Gate Valves do have low-pressure limitations, and are not optimal in applications that require cleanliness or sanitary conditions. They are excellent for use anywhere a shutoff valve is needed. They can also be used where throttling capabilities are desired, although this is not generally recommended as erosion of the seat and disc occurs due to the vibrations of the disk in throttling applications.
We are one of the biggest Gate Valves manufacturer in China. We supplies :Cast Steel Gate Valve、Forged Steel Gate Valve, Resilient seated gate valve, Flanged End Gate Valve etc, We can manufacture and supply Gate Valvesaccording to your requirements,please contact us !
NO Product name Download
  №- CS-Gate Cast Steel Gate Valve  
     №- 40001  Class 150~1500 Cast Steel Gate Valve No Download
     №- 40002  Class 600~2500 Pressure Seal Gate Valve No Download
     №- 40003  Class 150~900 Plate Gate Valve No Download
  №- FS-Gate Forged Steel Gate Valve  
     №- 40004  Gate Valve 800Lb No Download
     №- 40005  Presure-seal Gate Valve 900Lb~2500Lb No Download
     №- 40005  Gate Valve 900Lb~1500Lb No Download
  №- FS-Cryogenle Forged Steel Cryogenle Valve  
     №- 40006  Cryogenic Gate Valve 800Lb No Download
  №- FS-Extended Forged Steel Extended Body Valve  
     №- 40007  Extended Body Gate Valve 800Lb No Download
  №- FS-Flanged Forged Steel Integral Flanged End Valve  
     №- 40008  Flanged End Gate Valve 150Lb~600Lb No Download
     №- 40009  Flanged End Gate Valve 900Lb~1500Lb No Download
     №- 40010  Flanged End Pressure Seal Gate Valve 900Lb~2500Lb No Download
  №- CS-Cryogenic Cast Steel Cryogenic Valve  
     №- 40011  Class 150~600 Cryogenic Gate Valve No Download
  №- CS-Bellows Bellows Valve  
     №- 40012  Class 150~600Lb Bellows Gate Valve No Download
  №- CS-Dimension End Dimension  
     №- 40013  End Dimension No Download
  №- WC-Gate Resilient seated gate vale  
     №- 40014  RVHX\RVCX non rising stem resilient seated gate valve No Download
     №- 40015  RRHX rising stem resilient gate valve No Download
     №- 40016  RVEX electric resilient seated gate valve No Download
     №- 40017  RRHX rising stem resilient seated gate valve No Download
     №- 40018  Special fire signal res-ilient seated gate valve No Download
     №- 40019  Oversized resilient seated gate valve No Download
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